Usage instructions

Having extracted the archive (download below), you have several choices:

  • Run the Greeners.scr as a program by simply clicking on it. If you do this, it will run in a window (rather than full-screen).
  • Alternatively, right-click on the Greeners.scr file and select "Install". This will install it as a screensaver and make it available in the standard Display properties dialog.
  • To run it as screensaver manually, rename it to Greeners.exe and pass it /s on the command line.

When it's running, press F1 to see a list of keys you can use to control the program.

Download (443 kB)

This package includes two saved genomes (each one saved twice). One is saved into slots 1 and 3: this is a typical behaviour which isn't particularly good individually but is very good in groups of more than 5. The other genome, slots 2 and 4, is more interesting and rare: it turns 90 degrees to the green and then uses its thrusters to keep on the line with the green, while getting closer to the green due to inertia.


The background pictures below are in the public domain. You can find more such images on the public Hubble picture archive. They have some great ones!

To install a background, extract the file into the program folder. You must overwrite any existing back.bmp file. There is no easy way of switching between backgrounds. There is also no support for JPEGs.

If there is no "back.bmp" file in the program directory, the program will capture your desktop and use that as the background.

NGC-thumb.jpgThe NGC-4414 galaxy
Download (326 kB, ZIP)
M51-thumb.jpgThe M51 galaxy
Download (738 kB, ZIP)

Demo movie

The program itself is a lot smaller than the movie, and available for free, but if you're interested in a 'guided tour', check out this video created by yk, a friend of mine and co-creator of Greeners.

Greeners.avi (3.8 MB)


This screensaver borrows graphics from SubSpace. I believe the owners of the copyright have nothing against that. If you are the copyright owner and you want the graphics removed, please send me an email and I'll do that. Though I hope you enjoy this screensaver and don't mind this at all!