A huge overkill of an A-level Computing dissertation, but so much fun!

CLab.pdf (1,928 kB)


The document covers all stages of the design, and also contains a couple of embedded user manuals, which makes it rather fat. Here is a concise table of contents, listing the more interesting bits:

  • Some screenshots of real action: pages 125-130
  • User manual: pages 157-181
  • Instruction set summary: pages 185-188
  • List of microinstructions: pages 153-154
  • Computer architecture (this was the most fun to design!): pages 19-44


clab-full.png thumbnail

The main screen. The user can run a program to run on this virtual "computer" and interact with it through this keyboard and display.
clab-cpu.png thumbnail

The CPU window shows the internal state of the CPU.
clab-code.png thumbnail

The code window allows the user to write and debug a program in assembly language. Upon running the program, it gets compiled into machine code and loaded into RAM.
clab-ram.png thumbnail

The RAM window showing some code. It can also be used to edit the video buffer, with immediate results.